The giant bear is a reported brown bear that is growing into a monstrous size. There's not just one giant bear reported, but others, too. These brown bears could be having issues with their growth as they become more prehistoric in size like Arctodus, the short-faced bear. There have been fatal attacks on humans and some bears have been killed in taken in photos to show proof.

In October 2001 in Hinchinbrook Island, Alaska, Theodore A Winnen Jr., a hunter, and his partner, Jim, were out hunting and found some tracks as if they were left by a mature animal. Right away when they noticed a big pine tree, there was a spot as if something were laying down there. As his partner examined closer, Theodore's head pop up and that's when he saw the bear. Theodore said the bear was about 40 yd. away and he quickly latched on to Jim, yank him on the ground, and immediately threw the gun up. As the bear appears about 10 yd. away, he begins to charge violently at the hunters. His head was big and Jim told Theodore to shoot. As Theodore shot the bear right in the eye, he shooted a couple more times, reloaded, and shot a couple more times (a total of 6 shots). He wasn't going to stop, until the bear didn't moved. A few photos were taken and one shows Theodore holding the bear's right paw. The bear reveals its massive paws, close to 12 in. wide. The bear was 11 ft. tall and weighed 120 lbs. This giant was said to be 3 times bigger than the average-sized bear on Hinchinbrook Island, where the bear was shot.


Eyewitnesses describe brown bears that weigh close to a ton and that when standing on 2 feet would be more than twice the height of the average man. The creatures have massive jaws, capable of crushing bones, and lethal, razor-sharp claws, able to scalp a man in a single blow.